Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Installing Mopar hitch on 2016 Cherokee Latitude KL

Jeep Cherokee Latitude Trailer Hitch

This is my experience installing a trailer hitch and bezel on a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4x4 (AD1). I have not done the hitch wiring, this video only covers the hitch install.  This process should translate to all 2014+ Cherokees (KL) barring any design changes in future year models. This job is not difficult if a day is set aside for it. I recommend a rotary tool with a cutting wheel for the cutting of the bumper plastic for the bezel install.

I am not currently doing any towing, so did not install the trailer wiring. I mainly installed it to utilize accessories. Now I get to install fun accessories like this step!

cherokee latitude hitch mopar

There is also a hitch-mounted hi-lift/trail jack mount that I am interested in.

The instructions that come with the hitch can require a bit of interpretation. I even skipped a portion of the bezel install due to lack of clarity. The hitch and bezel are on now, however, and quite solid.

Here is a video of my installation experience:


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